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We build high performance cross functional product, engineering and design teams for venture backed startups in e-commerce and financial services.

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Why Liftr

Liftr was launched to rework the product development agency model and make it relevant for the entrepreneurs and businesses of tomorrow in a post pandemic world.

Our plans

Fuel Plan

Product development monthly subscription

  • You’ll be the product manager, we’ll bring the tech, design and go to market execution
  • You pay for what you actually need, every team we build is custom
  • We help you in-house our expertise at a pace that suits you

Ion Plan

Product development for equity (coming soon)

  • We pay for the team that will build your product for a modest equity stake in your business
  • You spend your hard earned investment on building your business
  • At a predefined later funding event, we sell our equity back to you and help you in-house product execution

Tailored product

We fully embed our product engineering teams in your business so they can think, breathe and dream alongside your own team. We will grow a team that becomes an expert at what you do, and help you in-house its skills over time.

Vertical ownership

We design it together, we code it, we fix it, we ship it, we grow it. It’s always going to be your product, but also our baby.

Serious know-how

We look for people with serious mastery that can work collaboratively directly with founders and ship great product at pace.

Powerful networks

We have a range of investors, entrepreneurs and executives that we stay in close contact with. We can make the right introductions as they are needed.

Experienced founders

We have spent over 15 years working with, contributing to and helping scale high growth companies. We know what breakneck growth looks like because we lived through it ourselves.

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